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There are more than 220 islands in the Cyclades, with more than 30 being inhabited. Besides the main destinations of Mykonos and Santorini there are more than 20 other islands that are interesting to visit. The islands overall are characterized by their mountainous geology rising from the Aegean with many coves and sandy beaches all along its coasts. Many have been inhabited continuously for more than 2000 years and have the antiquities to show this. The people are known to be some of the friendliest in Greece and this is enforced by their openness from several decades of tourism while still keeping their local traditions. Below a short list of our favorite islands, that can be visited in combination with any other island.

The largest island of the Cyclades, Naxos has many hidden gems. From its endless sandy beaches, its cedar forests in the south, Venetian castle and towers, byzantine churches, and archaeological sites with first and foremost the Portara located in the main town there is much to see and do here. Naxos also has several of the most well preserved Cycladic villages located inland and worth visiting both for their architecture but also their food and culture. The island itself has a large amount of agricultural production so make sure to taste some of their local cheeses and their citrus liqueur. Don’t miss the village Apollonas north of the main town, with a 10 meter statue left sculptured in the stone.

Paros is one of the most visited islands in the Cyclades because of both its location and the experiences it offers. It’s as much a family destination with its shallow bays, a faith destination for the 5th century AD church of Ekatontapyliani, as it is an entertainment destination for the young to enjoy the island’s vibrant beach clubs and night clubs. It also is one of the major windsurfing destinations in Greece having for many years hosted a leg of the World championship. Make sure to walk through the streets in Paroikia behind the castle, eat dinner at one of the sailor’s ouzeris in the small old port in Naousa, and visit Lefkes for its beauty. Located just a 15 minute ferry ride across the sea is Antiparos, and small version of Paros great for those looking for the beaten track destinations.

Sifnos has been popular for many years for offering a higher quality experience in the Cyclades. The main reason for this is the high level of service the locals have been able to offer. Without allowing for tourism development to take over their island, most their hotels and restaurants are owned by generations of locals who care about the reputation of their island and offer only the best to their guests. A great destination for both families on the one hand but also couples on the other. Don’t leave with buying some of their famous local ceramics, some of the best in Greece.

Milos is the second volcanic island in the Cyclades, after Santorini of course, and as such the island is characterized by its natural resources including bentonite, perlite, pozzolana and small quantities of kaolin. Milos was a also source of obsidian during the Neolithic ages. While made famous in the 19th century by the discovery of the classical masterpiece of Venus de Milo exhibited at the Louvre, the island now hold the reputation of having some of the best beaches in Greece with more than 75 to visit and explore. If you stay long enough take a day trip to Kimolos famous in the antiquity for its production of chalk or charter a yacht for the day and explore some of its hidden coves and scenic rock formations such as Kleftiko.

For many years Koufonissi has remained the secret of the Athenian bourgeois boheme. With difficult access from Athens, must connect through Naxos, and not much selection for accommodation, the island still remains an off the beaten track destinations. Most of our clients prefer to stay in one of the island’s private villas, and enjoy all the luxury of their home while still having that off beat experience. Make sure to cruise by if you are chartering a yacht in the Cyclades.

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