More Ionian

The islands of the Ionian called the Eptanissa are a collection of islands most known for their scenic beaches, some of the best in the world, but also the Italian influence in their culture and cuisine.  Their landscape is characterized by pine forests and beaches carved into mountains.  While the waters of the Ionian are colder of those of the Cyclades, the incredible landscape will make up for that.   The smaller islands of Paxoi, Meganissi and Ithaki are worth visiting for their serenity and beauty and are also perfect for yachting.
Cephalonia is a large island made famous recently by the Hollywood production of Corelli’s Mandolin.  Since then the island has gained much publicity and has been much visited for those who want to live the scenic landscapes they saw in the movie.  Myrtos beach is one of the most famous beaches in Greece and always listed on lists for the top beaches of the world.  The Lake and Cave of Melissani are a unique geological formation worth visiting for its unparalleled beauty as is the beautiful coastal village of Fiscardo with its well preserved and tasteful architecture.   From Cephalonia one can easily reach Ithaca a sleepy forgotten island known to be the home of Homer’s Odysseus.
The famous shipwreck beach “Navagio” with its electric blue color has made Zakythos famous all over the world.  The Mediterranean loggerhead Caretta-Caretta turtle also uses its coasts to lay its eggs giving it its own Blue Flag.  Also worth visiting especially with your children is the Askos Stone Park with more than 45 species of animals.
Lefkada is one of the only Greek islands that one can also reach by car as it’s connected to mainland Greece by a bridge.  The bridge has infused the Ionian island culture with the culture of that region of mainland Greece thus diffentiating it from the other islands in the Eptanissa.  The island’s main attraction is its many beaches from Agiofylli, Porto Katsiki, and Egremnoi.

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