North Aegean

Ikaria took its name from Icarus, the son of Daedalus, who in Greek mythology fell into the Aegean because he flew to close to the sun.  The island has something Dionysian about it, almost mystical.  Recently it has surfaced in the international media as the home to some of the world’s longest living people.   Among Greeks it has a reputation of the island where the locals take it easy and holding their own working hours, with establishments opening in the middle of the night.  Whatever it is this off the beaten track destination, even for Greeks, will absolutely mesmerize you.   There is only one hotel on the island we recommend to our clients but it will meet your standards and provide you with the right launching base to explore the island.

Be sure to visit the beach of Na where an ancient temple stands behind the beach perched on the cliff, and if you venture inland you can swim all year round under the waterfalls of the river that flow down to the beach.  From May to September there are more than fifty local festivals known as panygiria which celebrate orthodox saints will literally blow you away.  From early in the morning when the church celebrates the day, till the early evening when the entire village and then some join in a traditional feast of meat, potatoes and salad, to the early morning when the Ikarian rhythm takes over with locals and visitors alike dancing till noon!  We promise you a traditional yet unique experience.

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