For many years Patmos has been one of the top island destinations for those travellers looking for a cosmopolitan off the beaten track experience.  The fact that the island does not have an airport and that one must first fly to one of the nearby islands and then take a ferry have kept it just this way.  With plenty of history, beautiful unspoiled beaches, enough good restaurants to keep you happy for a whole week, it has been attracting European royalty and American celebrities for quite some time now.  So hurry up and visit Patmos before the secret gets out.
The main historical attractions of the island are the Monastery of Saint John and the Cave of the Apocalypse together with the associated medieval settlement of Chora, all designated as Unesco World Heritage Sites in 1999.  Taking a full day tour with one of our expert tour guides will illuminate you on how and why this tiny Greek island became known as the Jerusalem of the Aegean.
Accommodation in Patmos is difficult especially during the high season, so this is one of those destinations that require some head time when booking.  There are only a couple hotels that we suggest for our clients, along with one boutique bed and breakfast property housed in an old villa.  For those looking for something totally different we also have a couple of private villa options that offer a totally authentic experience.
For its tiny size, Patmos has several great dining options.  There are really two outstanding Greek gourmet restaurants that stand out, and you will probably find yourself back at least one of them for a second night during your visit.  Most other restaurants are local tavernas serving everything you love about Greek food at a very high level of quality with very good and friendly service.  Nightlife on the other hand is less developed.  In fact this one of the island’s main attractions, the lack of a vibrant nightlife.  There are of course more than a few suitable options, but even these places close relatively early for Greek standards around 2AM.
A great family destination especially if you are looking to avoid the hordes of tourists that you may find on the bigger islands.  The lack of nightlife, the many beaches with crystal waters, its history, and the friendliness of locals make it ideal for families.  In fact there is something homely about the island.  Even in just a few days you will get to know many of the local shop and restaurant owners, and nothing spells family more than that.

  • Charter a yacht for a day and head to one of the best locations in all of Greece for cruising at the nearby islands of Leipsoi, Arkoi and Marathi.
  • Celebrate as the locals do by joining the panygiri for the Transfiguration of Jesus on August 6th at the village of Kambos and enjoy local delicacies and Greek dancing until the wee hours of the morning
  • Water sports at one of the many beaches that offer them around the island.

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