Sample Itinerary

Greece is well known world-wide for its culinary tradition.  While heavily influenced by Balkan, Turkish, and Italian cuisines, the result is something completely Greek.  Its main distinction with these other cuisines in the region is its obsession with olive oil.  Olive oil is used in almost every single dish and it’s used in abundance.  Interestingly, a multitude of studies have tried connecting certain local diets and the use of olive oil with life longevity, specifically for the islands of Crete and Ikaria. For those interested in experiencing the many regional micro cuisines around Greece we offer various itineraries which cover the diversity of Greece’s culinary tradition.  We always try to incorporate as per the seasons an experience that starts with at the farms where travellers get a chance to see how local products are grown and then harvested.   We then move on to learning what the uses of each product are.  For example, olives are picked usually in the fall and while most of the olives are then used for the production of oil another portion is used just for consumption.  And then we move on into the kitchen, where top local chefs share the secrets of their ingredients and recipes. While wine has been produced in Greece for thousands of years, especially resinated, Greece is not known for the quality of its wine, as Italy and France are.  Nevertheless wine production is also common in Greece and many awarded wineries have emerged in Greece over the past 20 years.  Depending on the region you are visiting, we always try to incorporate an visit to one of the wineries to enrich your experience.

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