Global Marine is the latest project of the well established, in the  Greek Travel Industry, Kyvernitis Travel . With over 40 years of experience in crew traveling, a name which means Captain in Greek, KYVERNITIS, Global Marine is finally reaching out to connect with alliances around the world to support its global clientele.  Our clients are large shipping and marine off-shore companies which  operate on a world wide scale,  and are in need of a reliable partner to transport their crew members and provide them continuous support and a real 24/7 assistance.

With presence, in Manila, Mumbai, Athens and Cyprus we are able to offer the highest level of service at highly competitive prices worldwide. Our Offices along with our experienced staff in travel and shipping services, our company is able to produce and offer the most complete and efficient solutions, thus satisfying even the most demanding customers. We operate through some of the largest shipping centres, with contracts from all the major airline carriers in the world in an effort to provide clients a global service with a local attention. Our aim is to closely examine the needs of our clients, understand the We m, manage their traveling needs,negotiate for them and with respect and an ethical approach become their long-term partner.

We believe that the needs of the marine sector are continues and extremely demanding, and we constantly try to surpass ourselves in training and efficiency to offer the best there is in one of the largest trading markets in world.

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