The Global Marine Department services large shipping and off-shore companies  for their need to transport their crew members worldwide.   Our experience, knowledge and ability to manage the transportation arrangements for more that 150.000 crew members annually to and from worldwide destinations,gives us the ability to really understand the needs of the crew and provide travelling solutions at the most competitive fares in the industry. Our presence in four of the strongest marine hubs in the world, gives us the ability to be locally close to our clients but offer them globally the best service and fares there is.

The shipping industry is known for it’s complexity and long hours of operation, therefore we stand next to our clients with our dedicated and experienced team, 24 hours, 7 days a week, committed to support and assist accurately and efficiently at any given time.

Through our state of the art Reporting System, clients are able to observe, costs, trends, Average Ticket Prices, Refunds, invoices, statements or even issue tailor-made managements reports for the needs of budget forecasting.

Our goal is to continuously evolve and develop new skills with the latest technologies in the market, in order to maintain and improve our strong position in the shipping industry, and serve our clients in the most professional and ethical way.

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