SEYCHELLES – MAIA Luxury Resort & Spa 5*

With a temperate climate with no clear distinction between summer and winter, Mahé is an easy-going island, where locals have developed a unique and wonderful lifestyle. There is much to do – like explore the local markets in the town centre, full of charming Seychelles style and trends, take a leisurely visit to the museum or national archives, stroll through the botanical gardens or tea plantation, visit public buildings or dine in the local Creole restaurants.

Why the resort is called Maia? In Greek mythology, Maia was the oldest of the seven daughters of Atlas – and also the most beautiful and most shy. In Roman mythology, Maia was the goddess of spring – the season of rejuvenation – and the month of May in the European or Roman calendar takes its name from hers.

30-acres of award winning garden burst with life and colour, delighting senses of sight and scent with beautiful trees and herbs, fruit trees and greenery bearing exotic spices such as cinnamon, and extra-ordinary flowers such as orchids, blossoming hibiscus and heliconias. Our green-fingers paradise is home to over 300 different species of exotic and endemic plants tended to by 18 passionate full-time gardeners and in August 2008, the South African Landscapers Institute gave our gardens their highly prestigious award for ‘Best Landscape and Turf Maintenance in Africa.’

Secluded. Luxurious. Romantic. Exquisitely beautiful, tranquil and a standard of service that is beyond compare. Aren’t these qualities you demand for the most important person in your life – and expect from the most idyllic honeymoon destination?

Nature lovers will delight in a scenic walk (or perhaps a more energetic jog) through forests to nearly waterfalls, up mountains and along vast stretches of beach, be thrilled by horseback rides or celebrate the ocean by having a picnic aboard a Catamaran or indulging in a beach barbeque.

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