We invite you to discover faraway and beautiful Chilean Patagonia in our new luxury design hotel from the Tierra Atacama and Ski Portillo family.  Be one of the first to live the authentic Patagonian experience in this exclusive setting on the edge of Torres del Paine National Park. Located on the eastern border of the Torres del Paine Park, (a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve), Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa sits in one of the most commanding settings anywhere on the planet.

The Hotel lies a little over 400 meters from Lago Sarmiento, the biggest lake inside the national park. This is where your exploration of Patagonia begins, surrounded by interesting geological formations, abundant native flora and fauna and with the Paine Massif ever present. .

Tierra Patagonia’s excursions are led by qualified and experienced guides; with them you will be able to experience varied activities such as treks, horse rides, scenic trips and bicycle rides to world famous locations and also to areas less travelled.

The activities are divided into 3 levels of difficulty:

Easy: for all ages and ability. Medium: requiring a reasonable level of fitness and experience. High: this activity requires good level of fitness, experience and ability.

Every day you will be able to choose between two half day excursions or one full day excursion.

Half day: offered in the morning and/or afternoon, lunch at the hotel. Full day: start in the morning and we you provide with a box lunch, returning to the hotel in the afternoon generally after 18.00 hrs.

UD Recommendation:

Horseback riding in Patagonia is an unforgettable experience, and there are rides available for all levels, from beginners to experts. The locations vary from Estancia Cerro Guido which extends for 100.000 hectares, Estancia Lazo , which is surrounded by lenga forests. Local gauchos (cowboys) will take us to know the heart of their world, allowing us to live and feel a real Patagonian experience. Chaps and helmets are supplied at the estancias.

The length of the rides can be between 2 to 3 hours.

Scenic Salto Grande

Difficulty: Easy Walk length: 20 min Total length: 3,5 hours Travel time: Outwards, 60 min. Return, 60 min.

We will visit some of the most classic places in Torres del Paine National Park; MIrador Sarmiento from where you will appreciate the biggest lake inside the park; Laguna Amarga whose waters are four times saltier than the ocean and Mirador Nordenskjöld just in front of the Massif. We finish with a gentle 10 minute walk that will take us to the Salto Grande. We will return by van on the same road.

Full Day Scenic Adventures – Macizo Paine

Difficulty: Easy Total length: 8 hours Walk length: 30 min Travel time: Outwards, 2,5 hrs. Return 2,5 hrs.

This full day scenic trip focuses on the western side of Torres del Paine National Park. It is the best alternative to see the most of the park in just one day, stopping at different places of photographic interest. We will enjoy one of the most scenic drives in the world, which ends at the Lago Grey area. There we will find glaciers and nothofagus forests. If we are lucky we might spot the Huemul, a chilean native deer in danger of extinction. Here we can do a 30 minute walk along the southern shore of Lago Grey where it is common to find icebergs that have travelled from the face of the glacier. The return drive takes place on a road south of Lago del Toro.


Designed especially for lovers of nature and photography, this photo safari is a unique experience which introduces participants to the majesty and biodiversity of the mythical Torres del Paine National Park. There will be the opportunity to photograph not only incredible landscapes and capture the ever changing panoramas of Patagonia, but also spot the animals and birds of the area, and if luck is on our side, the elusive puma.

Among these ancient forests, giant icebergs and the Patagonian pampa (flat grasslands), adventurous guests will be guided by the outstanding Chilean photographer, Pia Vergara. She has worked in the area for years and will lead the group to the best locations for photographers.

UD also Recommends Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Where you can trat yourself to eco-tourism in Chile, a Chilean vacation in one of the world’s unique destinations, the Altiplano of the Atacama Desert in northern Chile. Tierra Atacama Hotel and Spa offers guided Atacama adventures, Altiplano excursions and bird-watching; as well as luxury spa services, fine dining and boutique hotel hospitality… all in one of the earth’s most beautiful locations, San Pedro de Atacama.

Tierra is offering a six day program that includes visits to highlights of the National Park, including places like Laguna Azul, Lago Pehoe, Estancia Lazo, Lago Nordenskjold and Lago Grey. Participants will see Patagonian fauna up close and be thrilled by sightings of guanacos, foxes, huemules (native deer) and a great variety of birds, from woodpeckers to the majestic condor, one of the largest flying birds in the world. Simultaneously, a team of professional trackers led by wildlife photographers Rodrigo Moraga (marine biologist) and Cristina Trugeda (veterinarian) will be searching for the mountain lion, ready to advise the group so they can share a glimpse and maybe get “that” shot.

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