Private Islands

If what you are looking for is utter seclusion and perfect peace, in a location off-limits to everyone but the resort staff and a few other guests, then a private island is the only place to go.

Step foot onto your very own secluded island and gaze into a clear azure ocean that is fringed by white sand beaches. Nestled among the French Polynesia lies Teriaroa island.  Remote and charming, this chic sandy hideaway offers barefoot sophistication in a way that makes you feel totally relaxed and pampered at the same time. Welcome to a luxurious experience in which the natural authenticity of the island bonds modest yet refined style.

It’s as if you created your own private world and stepped barefoot into your imagination. With its white sand beaches, swaying coconut palms, colorful birds, and sparkling lagoon, North Island in Seychelles is a dream paradise. Beyond its breathtaking beauty, North Island is a place of rare biodiversity and a natural sanctuary for birds and marine life.

One of the largest of the British Virgin Islands, Necker Island is only available for hire during specially selected weeks of the year. Renting out the entire island ensures access to Sir Richard Branson’s very own private home where you can float in the huge infinity pool and enjoy the breathtaking sea view from your free-standing marble bath. The island even has its own 3-person submarine which you can take for a spin in the turquoise Caribbean waters. Michelin-trained chefs are at your complete disposal, ready to provide gourmet dinners or champagne anywhere, anytime.

Inspiring both wanderlust for a remote, tropical get away, the luxury beachfront cottages of Turtle Island in Fiji, offer emblematic views of the Pacific. With exceptional charm, architecture and style, Turtle Island is the perfect hideaway to combine island luxe accommodations, authentic cuisine and a soothing retreat for the senses. The luxury cottages overlook the tranquil waters of the island’s blue lagoon, a perfect natural cove for swimming. The resort provides guests with horses and mountain bikes to explore the vast landscape and diverse flora and fauna found on the island. Private meals on secluded beaches or family style dinners with your entire group are just some of your dining options, while a mountaintop dinner overlooking the entire island at sunset will have you feeling like the king/queen of your very own island nation.

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