Romantic Escapes

Do you want to indulge in some serious beach time but also want something a bit more special and exclusive? Then you need to visit Maldives. As soon as you step foot in Maldives you realize that there really is a heaven on Earth. And it comes in the form of these beautiful islands. From searching for turtles and swimming with rays, to watching the sunset while sipping a cocktail, the Maldives feature everything you relate with a lavish destination. With picturesque islands scattered around the sun-kissed seas of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are a unique place for anyone who loves a little bit of paradise.. Snorkel in the crystal clear waters, get lost in secluded coves, wonder around white sanded beaches, and indulge yourself at the spa of your luxurious hotel.

Embark on an aqua-hike where you can explore waterfalls or work on your tan by relaxing at the pool overlooking the Indian Ocean in Mauritius. Combining African and European influences, Mauritius is not only an island full of natural beauties but also holds a wealth of historical sites and cultural diversities.

Dip into the azure waters of Seychelles and take sunset cruises. Uncover sheltered tranquil beaches and white bays and ramble through the lush island interior worshipping its dramatic scenery. Relax at your top-notch villa and have a private chef prepare for you the freshest sea meal.

For the ultimate tropical beach getaway look no further..

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